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The Student – Dominic Plait

Aspiring Nak Muay Dominic Plait operates under the social handle Fat Lad to Fighter and embodies the student of martial arts.

Dominic Plait recently fought on Victory Promotions and won his fight. What is remarkable is his journey from 98 kg and chubby, to a 72 kg fighter. Here’s his story.

Always a bigger lad, Dom wanted to be involved in combat sports from a young age, but never really had the confidence to do it. Aged 24, he made a decision to change that. He searched for MMA gyms in Newcastle and found Northern Kings. He started training Muay Thai there and quickly found his fight family with the people there. Spending an hour or so every night at the gym built his loyalty to his team. He will always train at NK, but has also found Yodphet Muay Thai, which is a little nearer to him, and run by Yodphet who had over 250 fights in Thailand, so the student can learn from another great coach.

The biggest influence in Dom’s martial arts journey is NK head coach Craig Jose. Craig has built up Dom’s confidence and shown him how to overcome challenges and be an upstanding member of society.

The biggest obstacle for the student to overcome is mental. Dom is not violent by nature and is not angry in any way. He has made a decision to have a fight and decided to flip the switch and become a fighter.

The reason that Dom chose to use Revgear equipment is that he saw some videos online with people like Damian Trainor using the equipment. He knew if it was good enough for world class athletes and coaches, then it was good enough for him. The more he trained, the more he began seeing Revgear being used by the fighters around him.

Tom Billinge Tom is the Editor of Revgear Sports. He has been training in Muay Thai gyms around the world for around 15 years and is a qualified Muay Thai instructor. He has lived in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Tom is a native of England, but based in the USA. When he's not kicking or holding the pads, Tom is either deep into writing an article, exploring the world or connecting with fellow martial artists. Tom is currently beginning his Jiu Jitsu journey in the Kore gi and 10th Planet no gi systems, as well as working to reconstruct the techniques of traditional British bareknuckle pugilism.


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