Dominate the Bottom with a Closed Guard Overhook Armbar

Kenneth Brown, Fight 2 Win athlete and head instructor at 2nd Gear Jiu Jitsu in Laurel MD shows you how to get the closed guard overhook armbar.

Kenneth Brown is a master at teaching the details that make good Jiu Jitsu players into great ones. Here Kenneth breaks down the closed guard overhook armbar, explaining all of the finer points that will take your BJJ game to the next level.

Starting from the closed guard, with the overhook on your opponent’s arm, grab a same side collar grip with your free hand. In this case, the cross grip is going to bring your opponent in and allow him to flatten you out, so the same-side grip is better. You then push your opponent’s shoulder away, while still biting down with your overhook. Then hip out to create space. Your opponent will try to smash you down or pull away, but won’t be able to. You can then hip out further, either with your foot on their hip or on the mat, getting a lower bit on the overhook and then pulling in tight again. From here all you need to do is flex your bicep and lean towards his wrist to get the armbar.

For more great techniques like the closed guard overhook armbar, stay tuned to Revgear Sports. If you are in the DC/Baltimore area, you can train with Kenneth at 2nd Gear Jiu Jitsu and learn from him in person. Check out Kenneth’s previous video on the closed guard armbar for another great way to submit your opponent from the guard position.

Tom Billinge Tom is the Editor of Revgear Sports. He has been training in Muay Thai gyms around the world for around 15 years and is a qualified Muay Thai instructor. He has lived in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Tom is a native of England, but based in the USA. When he's not kicking or holding the pads, Tom is either deep into writing an article, exploring the world or connecting with fellow martial artists. Tom is currently beginning his Jiu Jitsu journey in the Kore gi and 10th Planet no gi systems, as well as working to reconstruct the techniques of traditional British bareknuckle pugilism.


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