Get Your Backstage Pass on Fight Day See every high and low, the laughs, the tough moments, the weigh in drama, the team banter, the days, hours, minutes and seconds that lead up to showtime in Revgear’s new series Fight Day Showing a whole side of the fight game that very few get to see, Fight […]
Chris Camozzi Reflects on his Time in the Fight Game Chris Camozzi answers a few questions from Revgear’s Paulina Granados Where are you from? I was born in Alameda, California and I moved to Denver in 1997 so originally from California but I’ve spend most of my life in Colorado. How old were you when […]
Open your Wings of Victory The Wings of Victory is a signature move of F2W athlete Daniel Wuerthner Daniel has successfully used the Wings of Victory in several BJJ tournaments to take the winning podium position. Here, Daniel shares the secrets of the technique so you can raise your hand in victory. The move begins […]
Do You Make Losing Bets in Jiu Jitsu? Max from BJJFlowcharts explains why you need to stop making losing bets Let’s play a game. I have an app that randomly generates a number from 1 to 100. We both bet $100. If the number is between 1 and 90, I win. If it’s between 91 […]
Thiago Reinaldo Brings the Pressure  Thiago Reinaldo of Gracie Barra, Stafford, VA, is the real deal. He brings the heavy Brazilian skills directly from the source, to his students in the USA Multiple-time Brazilian National Champion, Pan American Champion and Fight 2 Win athlete Thiago Reinaldo embodies the original spirit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With […]
Train Smarter, Not Harder Train smarter to level up your BJJ and get a competitive advantage over your peers Training hard has been subject to many discussions. It is widely accepted that if you want to improve, you have to train hard. We rarely hear that you should train smarter. If I believe that putting the time […]
BJJFlowCharts – the Roadmap to Success The man behind BJJFlowCharts has the game plan laid out and ready to navigate you through the complexities of progressing through the minefield of Jiu Jitsu Max Corteggiano at BJJFlowCharts has one goal: to make you improve faster. The flow charts give you a better understanding meaning you can train smarter. This simple […]
Brok Weaver the Choktaw Warrior Brok Weaver is a tough fighter from a strong lineage. He has fought a lot of battles to gain a place in the UFC and is out to prove himself against the best in the world. Brok Weaver, a proud Alabama MOWA Choktaw, has been grinding out his MMA career […]
Frank Camacho: AKA Frank The Crank Hailing from Guam, Frank Camacho is the pride of the Pacific Islands. Frank has fought hard for everything he has achieved. Frank Camacho began his MMA career after being inspired as a teenager by PRIDE and the UFC. At 15 years old, he started training at Trench Tech Purebred […]
Dominate the Bottom with a Closed Guard Overhook Armbar Kenneth Brown, Fight 2 Win athlete and head instructor at 2nd Gear Jiu Jitsu in Laurel MD shows you how to get the closed guard overhook armbar. Kenneth Brown is a master at teaching the details that make good Jiu Jitsu players into great ones. Here Kenneth breaks down the closed guard […]