REVGEAR University Online – A New Era for RGU The worlds coolest Fight Sports Conference goes online,  offering 100% Free Tutorial content to Fighters everywhere from some of the World’s top coaches and athletes. If you want to improve your skills with world class coaching from Erik Paulson, Rafael Cordeiro, Mark Dellagrotte, Eddie Cha, Rambaa Somdet, […]
The Art of Setting Up the Overhand with Matt Sayles UFC Featherweight and skilled striker Matt Sayles and his boxing coach Adrian Melendrez share their way of setting up the overhand right. The powerful overhand punch may be one of the most effective blows in a striker’s arsenal, but it is also the easiest to […]
Swim Move From Mount with Pat Campagnola Pat Campagnola, head coach at 10th Planet Springfield, MA, shows us his swim move from mount that takes you to the spiderweb, a great position that sets you up for arm bars. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu burst onto the scene in 2003, changing the face of grappling in […]
Setting Up a Powerful Leg Kick Victor Saravia Victor Saravia of Muay Thai America Gym shows us how to set up the powerful leg kick Victor “Dynamite” Saravia is one of the most exciting Muay Thai fighters in the USA today. The Lion Fight North American Flyweight title holder, Victor has been rapidly rising through the ranks, entertaining the […]
The Iron Sheik by Scott Epstein The Iron Sheik is the ninth in our 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu techniques series with Scott “Einstein” Epstein. Join “Einstein” of 10PWLA to learn the Iron Sheik, as part of our Videos from the Vault series. This 13 part collection focuses on 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu techniques with Scott […]
Shana Dobson is Ready to Take on the UFC Flyweight Division We catch up with UFC Flyweight Shana Dobson as she prepares for her fight against Sabina Mazo on the Cormier vs Miocic headlined UFC 241 card on Saturday August 17th in Anaheim, CA. How did you get started in MMA? I grew up in […]
Get from 50/50 to the Back with Josh Chavez F2W BJJ athlete Josh Chavez shows us how he likes to go from 50/50 to the back Josh Chavez of Lake County BJJ in Mundelein, IL is a Fight 2 Win veteran and regularly competes at a high level. Here, he shares how he likes to […]
Swim Move with Pat Campagnola Head coach of 10th Planet Springfield, MA, Pat Campagnola, shows us the swim move, a way to regain arm bar position after your opponent stacks you. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu burst onto the scene in 2003, changing the face of grappling in the USA. The no gi system founded by […]
Matt Sayles is Reaching for Greatness Matt Sayles shares his journey to the UFC’s competitive Featherweight division and his plans to go all the way. We caught up with new UFC Featherweight Matt Sayles and find out more about the exciting young prospect. How did you get started in the fight game? When I was […]
Muay Thai – Fighting Taller Opponents Victor Saravia of Muay Thai America Gym gives us his top tips for fighting taller opponents Victor “Dynamite” Saravia is one of the top Muay Thai fighters in the USA today. As a shorter fighter, Victor often ends up fighting taller opponents. To deal with them, you need to […]