Roots of MMA: Boxing  In the early 19th century, the world’s first star sports writer, Pierce Egan, called boxing “the sweet science of bruising”.  It was a century-old sport that was a major, if illicit, part of English sporting life along with horse racing, cockfighting and cricket.  The English prize ring was the crucible of […]
WTF Do They Use? A guide to weird fight gear. If you walk into a gym dedicated to any of the major combat sports, then you would probably expect to see certain items. Maybe even if you have never trained yourself, but watched Boxing movies like Rocky or perhaps some Kung Fu flicks, you might […]
Fighter Sponsorship Advice Alex Wright, Creative Director of Revgear gives us his fighter sponsorship advice. Alex is responsible for much of the fighter sponsorship, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to the topic. Here are his words of wisdom for any fighters looking for sponsorship. There are three levels to sponsorship. […]
How to Wrap Hands with Andy Thrasher How to Wrap Hands is a much debated topic. There are many ways to do it and nobody can really claim that their method is superior to someone else’s. Andy Thrasher, head coach at The Dog Pit in Bury shows us his method that he learned at Jittigym […]
Arnold Allen MMA Tutorial pt2 In this second Arnold Allen MMA Tutorial, the UFC featherweight shows us a great counter to the single leg takedown and follows on from part 1. The 24 year old British fighter, hailing from Felixstowe in Suffolk, formerly of BKK Fighters in Colchester now trains at the world-renowned Tristar Gym […]
Golden Era Greats Muay Thai has really come to the world’s attention due to it’s application in MMA. Before the global glory, a group of incredible competitors fought in the great arenas of Thailand. Mostly Thais, with a few notable pioneers from Europe, the Golden Era Greats will be showcased in this new series. The […]
Famous Fight Quotes: Mike Tyson In the third instalment of Famous Fight Quotes, we look at one one of the most controversial, yet most respected fighters in the history of boxing.  Iron Mike Tyson was known for saying some pretty off the wall stuff, but rather than concentrate on the weirdness, let’s look at the man […]
Roots of MMA: Muay Thai While “The West” has known about Thai boxing ever since the Europeans first visited the Kingdom of Siam hundreds of years ago, the “Art of 8 Limbs” has really came to prominence in the last few decades.  With Muay Thai quickly establishing itself as a necessary part of the standup […]
The Roots of MMA On November 12th 1993, in Denver, Colorado, the world of Martial Arts was changed forever by a unique event, one which is now synonymous with a sport, that in many respects was built on the foundation it laid. The very first Ultimate Fighting Championship, now better known by its shortened initials […]
Floor Bags: Training Solo in Grappling Sports Striking based sports such as Boxing or Muay Thai, have obvious ways of training solo.  Shadow boxing, Kata in Karate, and of course, simply striking a range of heavy bags, are just a few examples of the way a stand up fighter can train alone. However, in Grappling based sports, the […]