Dave Leduc – King of Lethwei Dave Leduc left his native Canada with a dream of fighting in the world’s most brutal striking sport.  Now at the top of his game, he is the Lethwei World Champion and is the face of Burmese Boxing.  He has helped bring the attention of the world to a […]
Revgear Boxing Gloves When engaged in almost any of the many combat sports that involve striking sooner or later you will more than likely pick up a set of boxing gloves. For Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts, the boxing glove is one of the most important items you will buy. Revgear […]
Boxing Glove Evolution The humble boxing glove is something that a lot of combat athletes take for granted, but its history has helped shape the cutting edge products on the market today.  From the bareknuckle era to the 21st century, an exploration of boxing glove evolution gives us a better appreciation for the technology we […]
Vinc Pichel UFC comeback KO To kick off our look back over the Revgear highlights of 2017 we thought we’d start with one of our favourite Revgear athletes Vinc “From Hell” Pichel. Always a good guy to have around, Vinc has been part of Team Revgear for quite some time. He took time out to aid in […]
Bareknuckle and the London Prize Ring The recent spike in the popularity of bareknuckle boxing is a phenomenon fueled, in part, by the growth of MMA. As gloves became smaller for the cage, some people have done away with them entirely, leading to several unsanctioned, yet legal bareknuckle promotions. In the UK, the growth of […]
Kickboxing in Amsterdam Amsterdam is almost a synonym for vice.  Mention it and people inevitably associate it with weed, hookers and bachelor parties going wild.  There is so much more than that to the city, and I’m not talking about cheese, clogs and windmills.  The city is home to some of the best kickboxing gyms […]
A New Year With: Andre Fili Fighter Profile For the first of our #TeamRevgear2018 previews we go to Sacramento, CA, where our guy Andre “Touchy” Fili is currently training for a UFC featherweight match against the highly rated Dennis Bermudez.  A win against Bermudez, who also sits just outside the top ten, will see Andre […]
Revgear Muay Thai a hit for Mac. A chance encounter on a windy British beach led to one of the world’s greatest Muay Thai Coaches, Tanunchai Rachadech (known as Mac to his friends) joining with team Revgear. Mac gave his own unique seal of approval to the brand new Revgear Muay Thai Boxing Collection. A truly […]
MMA PAD WORK – Step, Kick, Knee Our video MMA technique tutorial series continues with MMA Pad Work Master Eddie Cha, head coach at the LAB Arizona, with a guest appearance here from UFC feather weight “Bruce Lee Roy” Alex Carceres. In this video Eddie and Alex demonstrate a pads drill using REVGEAR’s famous light […]
Hong Kong Muay Thai Explosion Hong Kong is a pan-Asian metropolis.  People from all over the globe call it home, but it is more a reflection of Asia than the other continents.  Concentrations of people from every part of Asia have cut out their little pocket of territory.  Thai people have lived in Hong Kong […]