Lion Fight 51 Cervantes vs Moraza-Pollard Lion Fight 51 in the LA Memorial Coliseum on February 16th is set to be one of their best promotions yet, with exciting bouts throughout the card. Featuring fighters like Eddie “Silky Smooth” Abasolo and UK number 1 Featherweight Reece “Titan” Thomson, the show is sure to draw attention […]
Don’t Miss the Best MMA Fights to Watch in 2019 Kyle Cadra takes a look at the next few months and tells us what MMA fights to watch in 2019. Looking forward to the next couple months of MMA around the world, it looks like the most pivotal fights will be taking place in the […]
How to be a Wrestler in a BJJ world Joseph Brett Williams is a wrestler in a BJJ world. Here is his game plan. BJJ is huge all over the USA, turning average guys in lethal weapons after years of training. It is an an art where small people can hurt the big people. But […]
Juan Cervantes’ Muay Thai Gear Guide UK number 1 Juan Cervantes walks us through his essential Muay Thai gear guide Aside from being a Muay Thai coach at Northern Kings in Newcastle, England, Juan Cervantes competes at the highest level both at home and across the globe. Juan fights full Muay Thai rules and Enfusion […]
Nik Gittus’ Essential Boxing Gear Guide Boxer and coach with over two decades of experience, Nik Gittus gives us his comprehensive boxing gear guide Head coach at Wallsend Boxing Academy Nik Gittus knows what you need to make your boxing game great from beginner to ring professional. Here’s what he has to say in his […]
Peter Irving’s MMA Gear Guide Coach, BJJ black belt and former fighter Peter Irving shares his comprehensive MMA gear guide Peter Irving is the MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ coach at Newcastle Fight Centre/Itaipava BJJ. With a wealth of experience competing on the mat, in the ring and in the cage, Pete knows what an […]
Is it Worth Training Greco-Roman Wrestling for MMA? With its very distinct set of rules, forbidding the use of legs or any holds below the waist, should you train any aspect of Greco-Roman Wrestling for MMA? Created in the 19th century by a Napoleonic soldier, Greco-Roman Wrestling was one of the sports of the first […]
12 Months of Combat: 2018 MMA Review As another incredible year is added to the MMA history books, Kyle Cadra looks back at the last 12 months in his 2018 MMA review. January This 2018 MMA review kicks off at UFC 220 where we saw Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic defeat Francis Ngannou by unanimous decision. Miocic […]
Forgotten Fight Science: Far Side Bar Arm Dan Kanagie shows us the Far Side Bar Arm, a lost technique from the Bare Knuckle era. Over the past few months I have discussed the benefit of learning 18th and 19th century Bare Knuckle Boxing for modern MMA. With MMA’s inclusion of fighting in the clinch, it […]
Modern Pankration is a pioneering precursor to MMA Modern Pankration, also known as Neo-Pankration, was born in 1969 when Greek-American combat athlete Jim Arvanitis began to resurrect the ancient Greek all-in fighting style. Arvanitis studied striking and grappling like Muay Thai and Judo, as well as spending countless hours researching ancient Pankration. Taking what was […]