Top 9 Aspects of Training Combat Athletes – Why I Train Each Aspect with a Battle Rope Master Coach Aaron Guyett runs us through the top 9 aspects of training combat athletes Here are the the Top 9 Aspects of Training Combat Athletes: First Step Speed Agility and Quickness Full Body Power Full Body Strength Full […]
UFC Fighter Arnold Allen reviews the S4 Sparring Glove Revgear’s top-of-the-line lace-up S4 Sparring Glove has been a huge hit with professional fighters and serious amateurs alike. The S4 Sparring Glove is an impressive addition to a fighter’s kit bag. Here, UFC fighter Arnold Allen shares his thoughts on the glove with Alex Wright and […]
Samart Payakaroon: The Muhammed Ali of Muay Thai The name Samart Payakaroon is heard spoken with reverence whenever the subject of who is “the greatest” comes up. While the King of Thailand awarded Apidej Sit-Hirun the title of “Fighter of the Century”, he competed in the 1960s, a couple of decades before the Golden Era. Samart […]
Drill this Counter Punch Combo to Level Up Your Striking Game Eddie Cha of The MMA LAB in Glendale, Arizona shows us an awesome counter punch combo that he uses with his top level athletes. If you are into MMA, then the chances are, Eddie Cha needs no introduction. Known for his All in MMA style, […]
Coaching Essentials: Programming for a Combat Athlete Aaron Guyett discusses the essential principles of programming for a combat athlete The way you go about programming for a combat athlete is going to depend on the type of combat that athlete is going to endure or compete in. Am I programming for a military combat athlete, or […]
Forgotten Fight Science: The development of Clinch Infighting Dan Kanagie discusses how clinch infighting developed in the English Bare Knuckle arena. Over the past couple of months we’ve been looking at fighting inside the clinch from the English Bare Knuckle tradition. We looked at the Head in Chancery, a particularly devastating form of the clinch. I briefly explained […]
Zach Makovsky: Rehabbing an ACL tear ACB flyweight and former Bellator Bantamweight World Title holder and UFC veteran, Zach Makovsky, tore his ACL at the end of 2017, here’s his recovery story. The moment it happened, Zach Makovsky knew that something serious had happened. In years gone by, an ACL tear was a career-ending injury, […]
Meet the family at Titan Fighter Enter the word of Titan Fighter, an elite MMA gym known across the globe for producing some of the best fighters in the business. Meet the trainers, fighters and promoters who make it Europe’s top MMA wrestling gym.  Familiar faces like Brad “One Punch” Pickett and Titan owner Mickey Papas guide […]
Meet Joe Laws: upcoming boxer with a hunger for greatness. Joe Laws embodies British boxing. Known as the “Benwell Bomber”, the 24 year old is walking a path set out by countless fighters before him. Fighting in the super welterweight division, Joe has made an impact on the scene with 3 KOs from 3 fights. […]
Kick Catch Sweep with Mo Abdurahman Mighty Mo Abdurahman walks us through his kick catch sweep – simple and effective it scores highly in the ring. Mo Abdurahman is a top-flight Nak Muay and the golden boy of UK Muay Thai. He fights out of Lookborai/Exile Gym in Southampton and was a professional cricketer before calling it […]