Judo for Jiu Jitsu – Stickyfoot Fight 2 Win athlete and 3rd degree Judo black belt Matt Jackson and his son Lawson share Matt’s stickyfoot, a technique that works perfectly for Jiu Jitsu players.  Judo and Jiu Jitsu share a common root, but as each art developed, they focussed on different elements of the grappling game. In […]
Bad Habits to Avoid While Sparring with John Lawrence Fight 2 Win athlete and head coach of Hurricane Jiu Jitsu in Cleveland, John Lawrence, gives us the lowdown on bad habits to avoid while sparring. A lot of people are guilty of these bad habits to avoid while sparring. Black belt, John Lawrence, has some great advice for novices and […]
Counter Attack with a Strong Defense from Russian Pete Shoemaker shows us a fast counter attacking defense from Russian that turns the tables on your opponent and gets you a double leg Following on from his last video on the Russian, F2W Athlete Pete Shoemaker, head coach of Precision Jiu Jitsu Spring Mount, PA, shows […]
Russian by Pete Shoemaker Head coach of Precision Jiu Jitsu Spring Mount, PA and Fight 2 Win athlete Pete Shoemaker shows us his way of working the Russian to get to a takedown When your opponent gets a collar on you, you will typically need to clear it to get the takedown.Pete likes to use […]
Pete Shoemaker’s Shoehorn Head coach of Precision Jiu Jitsu Spring Mount, PA and Fight 2 Win athlete Pete Shoemaker shows us his shoehorn submission The shoehorn is a powerful submission that is somewhat like an americana, but comes from an unexpected position. While the submission can come from a few different places, Pete starts his from […]
Matt Edgington’s Bolo Roll: Granby Drills Matt Edgington, AKA the Jiu Jitsu Ronin, shares his solo drills so you can get your bolo roll, or granby down. One of the requests that Matt gets a lot is for the bolo roll, or berimbolo roll, or granby. A great number of Jiu Jitsu athletes have less than desirable neck […]
F2W 130 lands in Denver Fight 2 Win returns to Seth Daniel’s home territory of Denver, Colorado as F2W 130 rolls into town on Saturday November 2nd The Mile High City will be hit by an avalanche of fight fans as F2W 130 hits Denver this Saturday. Expect the usual exciting matches and party atmosphere as the top local […]
F2W 129 Returns to Chicago on Saturday October 26th The Odeum Expo Center in Chicago will set the scene for F2W 129 where the champions will be center stage battling it out for supremacy The Windy City is ready to host the biggest party in grappling when F2W 129 rolls into town on Saturday, October 26th. […]
Rob Hileman’s Bow and Arrow Choke Join Fight 2 Win athlete Rob Hileman and learn his signature bow and arrow choke Rob Hileman, head coach of Leverage BJJ in Cortland, Ohio, and Fight 2 Win athlete, shows us his bow and arrow choke. His version of the choke is effective when you are trying to […]
Get Ready for F2W 128 in Philly The biggest party in grappling returns to the City of Brotherly Love with F2W 128 on Saturday October 19th and it looks set to be another unmissable event. Philadelphia, a city known for its great fighters, is hosting the latest Fight 2 Win event, F2W 128 this coming Saturday. With a […]