Unlock Eddie Cha’s Slip to Counter Flow for MMA The one and only Eddie Cha shares a great slip to counter flow drill that he uses with his fighters Eddie Cha of The MMA LAB is known by everyone in the MMA business.  His All in MMA style is highly effective and attracts the best […]
Tap your opponent with these Honey Hole finishes   Kurt Chase Patrick, BJJ black belt and active competitor for 10th Planet Fairfield shows us some of his favorite finishes from the Honey Hole. Kurt teaches and trains at Radius Martial Arts, home to 10th Planet Fairfield in Connecticut.  A native of the state, Kurt is […]
Lock up your opponents in Chancery One the distinguishing aspects of the old Bare Knuckle Boxing style was the inside clinch fighting and Chancery. A blend of standing wrestling and striking. It’s a part of the fight game that fell by the wayside after Queensberry Rules took over as the dominant combat sport. That is […]
Move to the Beat of the Muay Thai Rhythm Watch the Thai fighters move. You will notice they have a Muay Thai rhythm that is missing from many of the Western fighters’ game. In their stance, they have a rhythm of motion that is different from boxing or MMA. It is slower and smoother than […]
Dieselnoi: Sky Piercing Knee Talk to anyone remotely interested in Muay Thai about the Golden Era, and the name Dieselnoi is guaranteed to come up.  The Undefeated Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight Champion at 135 lbs from 1981–85 remains a legendary figure of the greatest era of Thai boxing. Charin Sorndee was born in Nakhon Luang in Ayutthaya province […]
Kick Catch Takedown with Mo Abdurahman Mo Abdurahman shows a signature kick catch takedown that is simple and effective, scoring plenty of points during a fight. Top-flight Nak Muay and golden boy of the UK Muay Thai scene Mo Abdurahman is a force to be reckoned with in the ring.  With a GLORY contract and […]
Sylvie Von Duuglas-ittu’s Muay Thai Library A beautiful thing about the fighting arts is that the pedagogy and transmission of skills has always been an important part of their efficacy. Every martial arts movie has a training sequence; every story has the primacy of one’s teacher at the focus. A teacher with no students means the […]
What is Kun Khmer? I am a Kun Khmer fighter and I have been training in the art for nearly 20 years. My first exposure to Kun Khmer was through Kru Oumry Ban at Long Beach Khmer Kickboxing. Kru Oumry was a champion back in his home country of Cambodia. Once he came to the […]
Evade and Counter with Andy Thrasher Andy Thrasher shows us two of his favourite evade and counter drills. Veteran Thai boxer Andy Thrasher is well-respected on the UK Muay Thai scene. The first foreigner to win the coveted Toyota 8 Man Tournament in Thailand in 2011, and with over 85 fights under his belt, Andy is a […]
Forgotten Fight Science: The Vertical Straight Punch One of my favorite things as a hoplologist is looking at martial arts from different regions and eras, stripping them down to their basics, the comparing what techniques remain: the techniques that transcend time and location. The vertical straight punch falls in this category. First let’s dispel the […]